Birthdate and place: June 17, 1955; Tennessee

Residence: Germantown, MD

Family: wife & two daughters

Education: University of Maryland, University of Delaware, Springbrook HS

Professional experience: General Manager, Crystal Clear Automation (product development); General Manager, Sunrise Communications Services (High tech product development, IT consulting); VP Sales & Marketing, DPEX; partner Sunrise Services; owner Wizard

Community experience: Organizer & Sponsor, First Fruits Dinner for MC homeless; Founder & Executive Director, Bailey Brothers Building & Loan (interest free online charity Bank); Issuer, Just Money(Germantown local currency); Testified against Real ID in Maryland; Seneca Creek community Church compassion Ministry projects; Youth coach for Softball, basketball and Soccer; Past President, Germantown Kiwanis; Lobbied for privacy rights and Just Money in US Congress, Maryland Legislature and California legislature; Founder, CureMS project.

Key issues: Restore Constitutionally Sound and Just Money. Abolish the private monopoly that now issues our money. The Federal Reserve is owned by private banks that create money out of nothing and then charge us interest. They never create the interest, so each year more and more people face bankruptcy and foreclosure while the total debt increases every year.

Enforce the remainder of the constitution: The Constitution states ‘‘The trial of ALL crimes shall be by jury. Citizens can go to jail for 6 months with no jury trial. Jury Trials were the key right our founding fathers guaranteed us; the right to Habeas Corpus, protection against unreasonable search, free speech & religion, no taking of life(all), liberty or property without due process, and the right to travel and associate.

I will go to Congress not to pass more laws, but to repeal as many laws that steal our freedoms as possible.

Congress has unlawfully given away nearly all its lawful powers to the President, the Courts, private Corporations and bureaucrats. This must be reversed.

Rather than send our money to Washington and get back 25 cents for every dollar, nearly all functions except national defense and federal courts can be provided better locally and at a far lower cost. This would allow citizens more say in these matters.

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Telephone: 301-916-5722

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Congress, Dist. 4

Peter James (R)

Q. How would you have voted on the $700 billion bailout/rescue package that Congress just approved?


It is madness to give $700 billion to the banking cartel that has destroyed our economy just so they may use this money to loan it back to us at interest.

Every voter needs to go to and watch the "Money as Debt" video to understand what has happened. Nothing in the bailout bill has fixed the systematic flaw in the monetary system.

The crash was caused by too much debt. Issuing more debt to try and fix it is insane.

Abe Lincoln knew what to do. He told the bankers NO and issued interest free money directly from the US Treasury. We need to issue interest free US Notes from the Treasury and either spend it on our failing infrastructure or lend it interest free to the states for infrastructure projects.

Andrew Jackson fought the banks and repealed the charter of the central bank. He is the only president to have no public debt. We must abolish the Federal Reserve System. Federal Reserve banks are private corporations owned by the commercial banks for their benefit not ours. Jackson called the central bankers a "den of vipers and thieves".

Q. Is the bailout package a slippery slope? Can we expect other industries to need/request similar massive help and, if that's the case, how should the government respond?

It is not the federal government's place to bailout private companies. The number of billionaires has grown from 16 to over 1,000 in the last 20 years. To have a free market on the way up and social welfare for these billionaires on the way down is just plain wrong.

My opponent, like most Americans and members of Congress hasn't a clue what a derivative is or how money, credit and circulation works. I do. I have been studying the monetary system for 35 years. I warned Donna Edwards of the coming collapse over a year ago. She did not listen then. She is not listening now. She refuses to debate me on this or any issue.

There are $62 trillion worth of credit default swaps and over $1.3 quadrillion(that's a thousand trillion) of derivatives. Derivatives are growing by over 20% per year. The bailout bill does nothing to stop the growth of debt or derivatives. In fact, all these bailouts are generating massive increases in debt.

"It is an old maxim and a very sound one, that he that dances should always pay the fiddler. Now, sir, in the present case, if any gentlemen, whose money is a burden to them, choose to lead off a dance, I am decidedly opposed to the people's money being used to pay the fiddler…" - Abraham Lincoln

All these bailouts require the taxpayer to go deeper into debt to allow the rich preferred shareholders and management to continue siphoning the wealth of our nation.

Q. Some, like Sen. Cardin, have called for a Manhattan Project-type effort to address the nation's energy needs and to get the U.S. off foreign oil? What do you believe should be done?

There is nothing in the Constitution that allows Congress to enact such legislation. Geothermal loop heating and cooling is the most cost effective means of reducing energy consumption(30% to 50%) in the home. This can be done cheaply with no government intervention necessary. I would support a tax credit for retrofitting homes.

Compressed natural gas cars are sold by Honda and others. An inexpensive retrofit kit to allow you to refuel your car at home is available. This again can be done with out massive government funds. I would support a tax credit for this.

Americans have trillions of dollars in their retirement accounts, much of which is invested in oil companies. It is the American people and not government that can more easily move these funds into new alternative energy companies. I would support legislation to allow everyone the ability to self direct their retirement funds into not just what will make them more money, but into technologies that they believe will make the world a better place for our children.

There are two basic types of nuclear reactors: One used in US plants that melts down when it runs dry and, the other used in Europe that shuts down when it runs dry.

France produces 80% of its electric power from nuclear and is the world's largest exporter of electricity. Nuclear energy is both safe and one of the cleanest for of energy production.

Q. What are your top three priorities for the next two years, if elected?

1) Abolish the Federal Reserve - Congress will issue the money directly.

2) Abolish the IRS. By eliminating the $400 billion in interest and returning spending levels to 2000, the Federal Government can do without the $1.1 trillion it collects in personal income taxes and have a balanced budget.

3) Restore jury trials to all and the jury's power to judge the law.

Q. How would you rate the performance of the House of Representatives: excellent, good, fair or poor? Why?

Poor. Congress has not been restrained from spending beyond our means, They have not honored their pledge to uphold the Constitution. They continue to pass more and more legislation that restricts more and more of our liberties.

Q. Do you have a timeline on when the U.S. should pull out of Iraq?

As fast as possible while prudently covering our rear. We need to analyze the cost effectiveness of leaving materials behind versus bringing it home. We still have tens of thousand of empty mobile homes from Katrina. If there is little resale value for materials, then we need to leave it. Of course, we don't want to leave weapons and ammo behind unless we can guarantee it goes to the duly elected government.

Q. How should the government pay for the War on Terror and is it working?

The war on terror is more harmful to the people than the terrorists. The head of the CIA said that their data analysis is at best 40 to 50 percent effective in identifying terrorist from suspects. Even if this were improved to 99%, these systems would falsely identify 300,000 Americans as terrorists. Only about 990 terrorist, out of the CIA estimated 1000 terrorists working within our borders, would be correctly identified.

Our ‘‘War on Terror" is creating hatred for Americans and increasing terrorism. Jesus told us to do good things to those who hate you. Rather than imprison our country in an unpopular war, it makes much more sense to spend a smaller amount of money on covert teams that would go after the heads of terrorist organizations.

The right to bear arms has always been the best protection against organized and random violence. Towns that have mandated gun ownership have had large drops in violent crimes.

By decentralizing our targets, terrorist acts become ineffective.

We must stop trying to rule the world so that a few super-rich, global entities are protected while they plunder the world.

Q. Would you make any changes to the way the Department of Homeland Security is run?

Abolish it. The FBI should handle domestic terrorism and federal crimes. The CIA and defense intelligence should handle foreign matters. Local and state police should handle local matters.

While Homeland security sounds good to a fearful public, it is evolving just as ‘‘fatherland" security developed in Germany.

We so hated the USSR because of their secret police; now we have our own.

Q. What should be done to reform Social Security, Medicare?

This is a classic Ponzi scheme. Take money from investors with promised returns you can never provide and use part of the proceeds of later investors to pay off earlier investors while you spend most of the money on unrelated items.

First, we must come clean and be honest that this system was never designed to work. We need to start a two tier system allowing younger citizens to opt out(they will however be required to foot a substantial portion of the future costs). Start issuing JUST money from the treasury to provide interest free loans to local governments to build hospitals and fund scholarships for new doctors in exchange for six years of service. Similar to what is done in the military. This would need to be done at the local level.

By replacing our current Debt Money with direct-issued money baring no interest, we would have prosperity in a few years. Google ‘‘Money as Debt" and ‘‘The Guernsey experiment" to find out how this works.

Q. Should SCHIP be expanded? If yes, how would you pay for an expansion? If no, how would you ensure that people who need health and dental care get it?

No. This is not a power granted to Congress. It is an unlawful undertaking. Health Co-ops, with local county Governments contracting to them for services for the poor, is a much more cost effective model. Each State Government can then redistribute funds to poorer counties. Check out the Pugent Sound's Group Health Co-op. Also, see the previous answer.

Q. What is your position on the death penalty?

Thou shall not kill. This is almost entirely a state matter other than in the matter of federal crimes. For federal offenders serving life sentences, I would provide privileges like better food, etc based on prisoners' returning value through work programs to both the prison system and victims. Again, this only extends to Federal cases.

Q. What is your position on abortion?

Since I have not the wisdom nor knowledge of God, I cannot say for certain when a soul takes up residence. I tend to believe it does so at conception. ‘‘That which you do unto the least of my people, you do unto me." That said, this is a state matter, not federal. I would not vote to fund abortion at the federal level. I further think that if we wish to make mothers carry their children to term, we need to be there for them so that the may raise them properly.

This is a perfect purpose for a jury. Rather than expect a small group of elected officials and judges to have such powers, I would like to see any killing be illegal. If brought to trial, the jury has the power to ‘‘nullify" any law which is either unjust or does not fit the circumstances for a particular offense.

The jury is a powerful tool for liberty. William Penn admitted to preaching an unlawful religion and the jury found him innocent. From this trial, we got freedom of religion. Peter Zeller libeled the Governor and was acquitted(freedom of the press). Many charged with transporting and hiding slaves in the North were also acquitted.

Poverty is a factor in the decision to seek an abortion. By restoring just money, this motivation is eliminated.

Q. Do you support same-sex marriage?

Marriage should be conducted by the church or as an agreement between two people, not by the State. The State only fairly recently got involved in this issue for supposed public health reasons. The state should provide no more privileges to married people than it does to unmarried people. The only exception would be to take into account the burden of raising children.

The state should not interfere with any private contracts, so any two people can contract for whatever services they wish.

In any case, this is a state issue, not federal. I would not support any federal recognition of Gay marriage.

Q. Do you support the federal No Child Left Behind law?

No. There is no Constitutional power allowing Congress to enact such a law.

We need to decentralize education, not centralize it to the point that it becomes easy for the ‘‘power elite" to control what reality our children learn. Schools are too over-burdened trying to teach to testing standards rather than concentrating on having our kids learn.

If we want to mass produce a compliant population of wage slaves, then we must have a central control of education. I will fight to abolish the department of education. Money sent to Washington is better kept and spent locally. D.C., which has one of the highest per student budgets, has one of the worst outcomes.

Q. What, if anything, should be done to assist homeowners at risk of losing their homes because of adjustable rate loans?

Allow them to sue for fraud and have the debt discharged unless the loan is from a private lender. Banks do not lend mortgage money from depositors' funds. Instead, the mortgage is ‘‘monetized", literally turned into money. The banker got the money used to lend for free. What is worse, the banker never created any money to pay the interest on this mortgage nor any other mortgage. Fraud comes in because the banker has prior knowledge that a certain percentage of his customers can never repay these loans as it is a mathematical impossibility. Any material fact such as this should be disclosed to the borrower, but it is not. Hence, none of these mortgage contracts are legally binding. Of course, this only applies to mortgages that are monetized through the fractional reserve system, which is nearly all of them.

Google ‘‘Money as Debt" to understand this great scam.

A bailout of the bankers caused our Government borrowing more is just making things worse.

Q. Should slots be allowed in Prince George’s County? Should there be any form of gambling at National Harbor?

I am against it, but I would have no more say than any other citizen as a US Congressman.

Q. Who should bear the costs of the changes wrought by BRAC?

We should start closing some of the 700 plus foreign bases first. This would save huge sums of money. We only need a few bases to support any possible rapid deployments. The Navy and the Coast Guard should be limited to guarding our coasts and sea lanes to protect our commercial ships at sea.

Q. What state transportation projects are a priority and how should we pay for them?

Other than bridges between Maryland and other States, there is no lawful Federal responsibility. The bulk of the gas tax should go to the states. Gas and property taxes are more than adequate to fund these projects.

A Congressperson should have no more ability to decide which projects get funding than any other citizen of Maryland. State and local elected officials should decide.

If we are still short on funds, then Congress should issue money directly from the treasury and make interest-free loans to the states for such infrastructure projects. Such loans should be proportioned to the states based on population. This would mean that all public infrastructure would cost roughly half of what it does now. This proposal, known as the Sovereignty proposal, has been signed by over 3000 local governments.