Walking, biking along Seven Locks might kill you

Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2006

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K. Zur Heide, Potomac

Jack Cochrane seems to have this utopian vision of Seven Locks Road becoming a community center, health center and a place to make new friends, on foot and on-bike (‘‘Walking, biking should be encouraged along Seven Locks Road,” Dec. 13 letter).

He does not live there. I live near Seven Locks Road and can say that the road becomes the western leg of Interstate 270 (when fully clogged during north- and southbound rush hours). People will exit I-270 at Montrose to drive all the way down to MacArthur Boulevard to commute to Virginia and do the reverse back home.

But wait! There is more:

The enlarged Montrose expansion will open soon and provide a convenient access directly from Rockville Pike to Tyson’s Corner and D.C. via Seven Locks Road. The Fortune Terrace residential development north of Montrose⁄Seven Locks will add hundreds, if not thousands of cars before long.

I have seen large groups of teenage joggers on the shoulders of Seven Locks during rush hours. Just imagine an errant car would plow into such a group and kill a dozen young people because of traffic conditions or the driver had a heart attack.

Incidentally, it is illegal to bike or walk along I-270, as the ramp sign stipulates. Why should the ‘‘western” I-270 be an exception? For your recreation there is Cabin John Regional Park. Use it and enjoy a long life.