Sidewalk wanted

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2006

I used to walk to school with my Daddy. I also ride my bike with Mommy and Daddy. When I go to Cabin John Mall, I see many people walking from a place called Scotland to the mall. Sometimes I see little children on bicycles riding near the mall. That is why we need a sidewalk on Seven Locks Road.

You know that not everybody has a car. We must also care about our environment. So bicycling and walking are better than using fossil fuels. It’s also good exercise.

I want to ask people to walk and bicycle more. I walk almost every day with my Mommy and Daddy and it’s the best part of my day. You can talk about stuff and see family and even see birds, raccoons and even a fox.

My Daddy likes to say we should make Saturday and Sunday a walking day for the family. Don’t you think it would make this a better and funner place? Do you think you can help make Saturday and Sunday a Family Walking Day?

Caitlyn lives in Bethesda. She will soon be 7 years old.