Missing teen found in Massachusetts

13-year-old kidnapped by man with MS-13 ties is brought home

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006

A 13-year old New Carrollton resident is back home with her mother after being kidnapped and taken to Massachusetts by a family friend.

The girl, whose name was not disclosed, was found in the Boston area with 22-year-old Duglas Salgado of Hyattsville, who according to police has ties to MS-13.

New Carrollton Police joined with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Everett, Massachusetts Police and the Maryland State Police to locate the teen and return her home.

‘‘It took us a few days but before any physical damage could be done we were able to make apprehension,” said Col. David G. Rice, chief of the New Carrollton police.

On Sept. 14, New Carrollton Police got a call from the mother who said her daughter did not come home from school.

Officers went to the residence and spoke with the mother, through an interpreter, and surmised what was a kidnapping case.

Under Maryland law, a person may not by force or fraud, carry or cause a person to be carried outside the State ..., which could be considered an act of kidnapping.

Once it was established that state lines had been crossed, the FBI, the Maryland State Police Recovery Unit and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were brought into the case.

The New Carrollton police said on Sept. 20, two other people were arrested in Lanham in connection with the kidnapping. Their names have not been disclosed.

Salgado, was extradited to Maryland and is facing kidnapping charges in Maryland, and the victim was flown back to New Carrollton and returned to her mother.

‘‘We put the resources to a test,” Rice said.

Larry Jedrey, of the Everett Police Department, said the patrol division received a call from the New Carrollton police about a possible kidnapping victim in Massachusetts. He said once they got the call they began surveillance on a couple of locations where Salgado could have taken the girl.

Pi Heseltine, of the Massachusetts State Police, said the case was a good example of really good cooperation and communication with state and local police from Maryland and Massachusetts.

‘‘It resulted in our being able to locate the young lady and ensure her safe recovery and return,” she said.

Heseltine said the Massachusetts violent fugitive apprehension unit helped with the recovery efforts. She said all of the agencies involved were extremely cooperative.

Heseltine, who was present when the 13-year old was recovered in Revere, a place according to Rice that is known MS-13 territory, said the teenager was not any different from other victims of similar types of kidnapping. She said teens have a myriad of conflicting emotions.

‘‘They don’t always recognize the danger and they are in a very precarious situation,” Heseltine said. ‘‘These teenagers think they are 15 going on 25.”

The New Carrollton police department is fairly new, it was established in December 2005. There are seven officers, two administrative and Rice.

Rice said he treats every missing person’s case on a case-by-case basis.

The school provided the counseling for the victim and she is currently being mentored by all of the New Carrollton police officers.

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