Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007

Sherwood students get new classrooms

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Brian Lewis⁄The Gazette
Chemistry teacher Jerry Turner sets up his new classroom laboratory at Sherwood High School last week.
Students returning to Sherwood High School on Monday found the eight portable classrooms have been removed, and that a new 16-room addition is complete.

This not only marks the end of a yearlong construction project, but the end of overcrowded classrooms at the school, located in Sandy Spring. Sherwood’s student enrollment was more than 2,100 students last year. School system officials said they did not yet have numbers for this year.

‘‘The construction is just about over,” Principal William Gregory said last week. ‘‘There are only a few little punch list-type things left to do, and the teachers have already set up their new classrooms.”

The majority of the new classrooms will house science classes, as well as some computer and technology classes.

‘‘The science labs are huge, modern and up-to-date,” he said. ‘‘The whole facility is really beautiful.”

Gregory said that all of the portable classrooms were removed in July, so he is thrilled that the construction was finished in time for the students to return to school.

Sharon St. Pierre, Sherwood PTSA president, agreed that the big news is that the addition was completed on time for the start of the new school year.

‘‘It was very much needed because before, we were 500 students over capacity,” she said.

‘‘The parents are all just thrilled to see all the portables gone,” she added. ‘‘Now, we don’t have to worry about kids going out in the rain or snow, and from a safety perspective, it’s always a plus to have everyone inside the building. I also think it helps the kids and the teachers feel more connected.”

The space creates other benefits as well, she said.

‘‘There are more lockers, and since we only have one lunch period, the students now have extra space because the addition is located next to the cafeteria,” she said.

Both St. Pierre and Gregory agree that the excitement over the new addition is a good way to begin the school year.

‘‘This addition is a really big thing, and we’re all excited about it,” Gregory said. ‘‘It’s nice to have summer to rebuild and regroup, but it’s nice to have the staff and students come back ready for another great year.”