Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007


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In Bethany Beach, they have a custom of bidding farewell to summer with a jazz funeral. We can learn from their attitude. As the days get shorter get shorter and a little cooler, we cannot linger in a season that is past.

In the same way a season has past for building of the Intercounty Connector. When it was proposed, builders were anxious to put new developments along its route. Today, they are sitting on too much unsold inventory to be willing to put more money into building new subdivisions and shopping centers.

When the ICC was approved, the state appeared to have a strong balance sheet, not the huge deficit it is dealing with today. And the I-35 bridge collapse has brought to light the need to direct spending to maintain what we have rather than build new infrastructure.

Many communities nationwide are reevaluating whether to remove unsightly highways in favor of restoring parkland and using other commuter options such as bike paths and light rail. Perhaps we should leave our parkland, which is arguably more valuable than a highway, untouched.

Walter Wiesch, Silver Spring