Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007

Article unfair to committee

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The Aug. 22 article, ‘‘Group of 23 chooses one-tenth of county’s lawmakers,” questioning the method by which vacancies are filled by party central committees was an insult to the fine 23 members of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee who spend long hours without compensation to make our political system work.

The article ignores the fact that all 23 members are elected in the very same primary election by the same voters who elect all of our legislative candidates. They possess unique knowledge and perspective and perform a valuable service by seeking and appointing the best candidates in the field. The record of their appointments over the years demonstrates their excellent judgment.

It is no surprise that the change has been championed by a senator in office for all of one year, who has had little to no contact with our local party and its organization.

Stanton J. Gildenhorn, Rockville

The writer is former chairman of the county Democratic Central Committee.