Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007

Nursing home lauded

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It was with great sadness I read the Aug. 22 article, ‘‘Bethesda nursing home cited in an earlier death.” My husband had been a patient there for several months but left because they did not have a private room available in long-term care.

He has been a patient in several nursing homes in the area and in only three of those would I consider having him be a patient again. Certainly the Bethesda Health and Rehabilitation is one of them. I felt the staff was competent, caring, professional and accommodating.

Caring for the sick, old and incapacitated takes such patience, physical energy and a giving spirit I am always grateful to those caretakers who are willing to undertake such work. Although I know it is the job of the press to inform the public, and I appreciate having The Gazette’s reporting of local news the press frequently can report only a limited view. I feel the public should know that at least from the point of view of one patient and his family, Bethesda Health did a superb job.

Ann Robertson, Bethesda