Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

No problems with signal at University Boulevard ramp

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A new traffic signal on the outer loop Beltway ramp to westbound University Boulevard began operation without problems Aug. 13.

The ramp to westbound University Boulevard was recently converted into an intersection controlled by the traffic signal, which allows two lanes to turn left (eastbound) and two lanes to turn right (westbound). The ramp leading from the Beltway to eastbound University Boulevard is being removed.

The new design was constructed to alter the cloverleaf-style of the interchange in order to minimize the weaving in and out of the interchange ramps, according to a news release from the State Highway Administration.

‘‘There is one common ramp that will go up to a signal at which you can either go east or west. It will eliminate unsafe merging,” said Chuck Gischlar, a spokesman for the SHA.

After back-ups with a new traffic light placed at the Beltway ramp to Georgia Avenue earlier this month, SHA was happy to see no disruptions with the University Boulevard light. ‘‘The day it went on, the engineers were on scene and it worked perfectly. There were no backups,” Gischlar said.

‘‘I haven’t seen any traffic reports on our list serve, and that’s where we generate our issues. People are very good about reporting within it and nobody has mentioned anything,” said Shawn Marie Jarosz, president of Forest Estates Community Association.