Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

Wootton Parkway paving project won’t affect school traffic, city says

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Rockville city officials say continuing roadwork on Wootton Parkway will have minimal effect on traffic going to and from Thomas S. Wootton High School.

‘‘We don’t anticipate school traffic being affected,” said Craig Simoneau, director of public works for the city of Rockville. ‘‘We avoid peak times and we work around the school hours.”

The project, which began earlier this month, is part of routine maintenance of the city’s roads and includes removal of the top layer of asphalt followed by repaving the road.

This year, 19 miles of city roads will be maintained this way.

Wootton Parkway will be repaved from Route 355 to Glen Mill Road, a total of 4.5 miles.

During work hours, portions of the road will be closed and delays should be expected, Simoneau said. However, the crew will not work during peak times to keep school traffic and rush hour traffic to a minimum. But, to make up for lost time, crews may be working on Saturdays.

‘‘When we have school, when we have rush hour, we avoid that,” Simoneau said. ‘‘We’d be answering more phone calls than we’d be doing work.”

According to Simoneau, each year the Rockville City budget allows for several road maintenance projects.

Wootton Parkway is in need of the work because of several potholes.

‘‘This time we just happen to be on Wootton Parkway,” he said. ‘‘Its number was up, so here we are now.”

No exact timeline is set for the project. However, Simoneau anticipates it will take another three to four weeks to complete.