Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

Open forum: City, county need to get along

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The Aug. 8 article, ‘‘Giammo: County playing games with old post office,” underscores the need for good relations between the Rockville and county.

It is unfortunate for city residents that Mayor Larry Giammo and City Councilwoman Susan R. Hoffmann have assumed such adversarial positions with County Executives Isiah Leggett and Doug Duncan. How are we as a city to move forward on tough challenges, like county occupancy of Rockville facilities, when Giammo and Hoffmann are not on real speaking terms with Leggett, arguably one of the most communicative executives the county has ever elected?

This is only one of the many reasons that our city needs Drew Powell as our next mayor. He has excellent working relationships with Leggett and the majority of the County Council. He will effectively advocate on behalf of the citizens of Rockville and restore functioning civility to city government.

Andrew J. Field, Rockville