Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

Open forum: While on the subject of music...

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While I would be overjoyed to have the Birchmere as a venue of music in Silver Spring, we should not wait for county leaders and others to decide for us. We already have one music venue here that is a smaller version of what the county was trying to bring to our downtown: The Austin Grille.

The restaurant is a location of food and music that is similar to the genre of music if one will check the actual operations of the Birchmere in Alexandria, Va. It is important for the county, the press, the Austin Grille and others to promote this venue.

Please check your own Gazette to see what I mean.

I must also bring up one more issue of music, yet it will probably disappoint those who want music with their food. The Blair Auditorium on the Silver Spring International School campus has been promised to the residents of the area to be a showcase of music, plays, etc. We are still waiting.

Phil Fraulino, Silver Spring