Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

Open forum: Hosting exchange student is ‘great experience’

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During the last school year, we hosted an AFS student from Italy. Francesca Bertellini attended Walt Whitman High School as a junior and lived with me and my two children, one a sophomore at Whitman and the other a seventh grader at Pyle.

I believed this was an excellent opportunity for my children to learn a bit more about the world. While initially, the kids were skeptical about having a stranger live with us for a whole year, by the end of her stay, they were enthusiastically asking when we were going to host another student. We are already planning our trip to Italy next summer to meet Francesca’s family.

Hosting an AFS student is a great experience for everyone concerned, and is a wonderful way to forge links in this new global village in which we all live.

If you are interested in hosting an AFS exchange student or studying abroad, visit⁄usa. AFS is formerly the American Field Service.

Catherine Lane, Bethesda