Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

No random act of kindness

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Local and national newspapers are replete, these days with reports of murders, rapes, beatings and other violent crimes. Seldom is there an article describing exceptional neighborly help or acts of kindness. Let me illustrate our family’s experience with kindheartedness.

Thomas and his family rented the house next door to us almost two years ago. The day he moved in, he noticed his ‘‘fourscore and two” neighbor having difficulty lifting the gas tank to the grill. Thomas rushed over, lifted the tank and secured the connections. My wife and I thanked him and, to be neighborly, told him he could use our lawn mower and any tools in our shed.

Since the grass needed cutting, Thomas borrowed our electric mower. Not only did he mow his lawn, but he also cut ours. This was not a random act. Thomas continued to mow our lawn during the entire summer.

Now for the unbelievable part. After one year, Thomas and family moved to an apartment house in the next county. To this day, he still comes by to mow our lawn. We have offered to pay him, at least for the gas, but he won’t accept it. We do give him special food gifts.

To avoid embarrassing Thomas, I did not mention his last name. I know he will appreciate seeing this letter.

Thomas is more than a Good Samaritan. He is a dear friend and one in a million.

Edwin Morgenstern, Silver Spring