Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

Governor ignores GOP budget plan

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Recently, members of the Republican Party presented our governor with a plan to avoid both the structural deficit and increases in taxes. These included slots, which will pass now that Robert Ehrlich is no longer governor, and modest increases in the budget of 3.5 percent.

Shortly after this meeting, our governor spoke in Ocean City and once again employed the politics of fear by stating that severe cuts and tax increases are necessary to keep the budget balanced, while completely ignoring the Republicans’ plan.

While the citizens of Maryland are getting creamed by increases in real estate taxes, low or no increases in wages, higher energy costs, fuel costs and food costs, our governor and other state politicians believe that we must suffer even more to support their pet programs. Only in Maryland can a reasonable increase of 3.5 percent in the state budget be called a cut.

‘‘1984” is here folks just 23 years late!

John A. Majane III, Germantown