Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

Town has asked for voluntary water use

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In her letter (‘‘Consider restrictions during drought,” Aug. 5), Claire Gunster-Kirby asserts that Poolesville’s wells are having a negative impact on private, residential wells located along Hughes Road, Budd Road and on the Kephart farm.

As for the wells on Hughes and Budd roads, no evidence has been found to implicate the town’s wells. However, one should also consider the county-owned golf course, which has been pumping its new well extensively to irrigate the golf greens. This is being investigated by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

With regard to the Kephart farm, the family alleges that since well No. 5 was put into production, some 20-plus years ago, their wetlands and a pond have been negatively impacted. Not their well.

The author must not read any newspapers regarding town information because she asks why we have not put voluntary or mandatory water restrictions into place. The commissioners have asked several times for voluntary water restrictions and the papers ran articles with this request. Furthermore, the town’s newsletter has an article requesting the same.

With regards to the two new developments she refers to, neither one will be building any multiple-family dwellings nor will the developments significantly reduce recharge since we are surrounded by 93,000 acres of agriculture reserve. Our aquifer recharge area is not limited to our political boundaries.

There has been no lack of action by the town commissioners or negligence. Water levels and pumping rates are monitored every day of the year. The commissioners have clear and precise knowledge of the town’s water situation. According to the state MDE officials, Poolesville’s water records and knowledge of the system provide a model for other water systems statewide.

Yes, the ground water supply is fragile, but rest easy, the commissioners and town staff are vigilant in protecting our most precious natural resource.

Paul ‘‘Eddie” Kuhlman II, Poolesville

The writer is Poolesville Town Commission president.