Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

Make English official language — of government

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There is a dispute about making English America’s official language. But English can be the official language for dealings with government and for government communications.

Singapore, for example, with four official languages, uses only one of them — English — for government business.

Think of the benefits of having county, state and federal government use English exclusively for its affairs. Millions would be saved on publications and government intercourse if only English was used.

There would be an incentive for immigrants to learn English as quickly as possible. Discrimination as to what language other than English government should use would be ended. (For example, Spanish is commonly used to the exclusion of other European, Asian and African languages spoken by citizens.)

Americans would still be free to speak in whatever language they like in their personal lives. This seems like a winning idea to me.

Gerald Schneider, Kensington