Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008

Animals not in jeopardy by loss of humane society board members

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As a Montgomery County Humane Society employee, I'm appalled by the comments of the former MCHS board members profiled in the Aug. 13 article, "Fighting within humane society has county concerned." They struggle to justify their failures to honor their commitments to work for positive change from within, and claim that their doing so is for MCHS' ultimate good

To imply that any animal at MCHS is jeopardized by the loss of these ex-board members is false, ironic and outrageous. In contrast to Melissa Rubin's statement, there are meticulously documented quarterly reports detailing all animals MCHS takes in, adopts and euthanizes; perhaps Ms. Rubin failed to notice these reports, published in MCHS' "Animail" and always available for public access. In truth, society's president J.C. Crist's hallmarks are his approachability, accountability, transparency and integrity. His intelligent leadership led MCHS to nationwide renown for its adoption rates and ethical, compassionate treatment of staff, volunteers, the public and the animals in its care.

We look forward to the county replacing the dilapidated building in which MCHS cares for more than 10,000 animals each year. As we wait for this long-deferred development to occur, we welcome our community's on-going support of our work, and of our 50th anniversary year events and celebrations, including our annual dance.

I'm honored to work for MCHS, proud of its accomplishments during Mr. Crist's term, and hold Mr. Crist and my colleagues in highest regard.

Shelley Moore Janashek, Brookeville