Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008

Stop delays on Clarksburg Town Center

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Paul Bender's letter ("Fast track to completion of Town Center," July 2) was on target. The Clarksburg Town Center Compliance Program Resolution should be upheld because:

´Newland and the Clarksburg Town Center Advisory Committee worked together to devise a plan that restores the original design features of the retail center, and serves as a remedy to the numerous height and set-back violations committed by the developer.

´Both parties agreed to this plan.

´A mutually selected, neutral judge arbitrated and signed off on the plan.

´The Planning Board reviewed and accepted the plan.

´The parties jointly held a meeting with the Town Center residents explaining the plan (the county Planning Board attended).

´New changes would delay the retail center by months, even years because the county would have to start the review process all over again.

´The purpose of the plan was to compensate for violations of law made by the developer in order for them to avoid legal fines and possible prosecution.

Since when does the unlawful party get to change their penalties? We call upon the Parks and Planning Commission to uphold the resolution. Let's move Clarksburg forward by breaking ground as soon as possible on our retail center.

Diane King, Clarksburg