Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008

Animals in shelter are well cared for

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I have been either a staff member, board member or volunteer for the Montgomery County Humane Society since 1975, far longer than any of the board members mentioned in the article ("Fighting within humane society has county concerned," Aug. 13), and I can tell you that never in its history has the animal shelter been better run or our county's animals better cared for.

MCHS president J.C. Crist not only has vision that has inspired and motivated the staff, standards of operation that are uncompromising and unparalleled, and a personal commitment that has awakened a remarkable passion in his staff, but he has contributed much of his personal worth to see that his vision, standards and commitment become a permanent way of life at the humane society.

Robin Siegel, Silver Spring

The writer is a MCHS volunteer.