Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008

County's hazardous ‘improvements'

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I would like to add my voice to the letter written by Irma Robertson on the Arcola project that has just been completed by the county ("Road work creating new messes," Aug. 13).

On Aug. 13, I turned right onto Arcola Avenue from University Boulevard when my front tire hit a cement juttings on the right. Even at low speed my tire was shredded and rim bent. This "improvement" cost me $307.30.

I was lucky that there happened to be a tow truck at the Kemp Mill Shopping Center and this wonderful gentleman changed my tire. He remarked that this new project will bring him new business!

When I went to my gas station to buy a new tire, the owner said that another one of his customers had the same misfortune. I wonder how many other people have had to replace their tires in the short time that these improvements have been implemented.

I want to say "thank you" to the driver of the tow truck and to the kind person who found my hub cap and left it on the side of Arcola where I found it.

Julia Lomacky, Silver Spring

When the changes to Arcola Avenue were being considered, did the planners ever consider the impatient drivers that use this road?

By narrowing the traffic lanes and, in some cases, eliminating the parking lane, this could very well lead to more traffic accidents.

My husband and I recently witnessed a county school bus pass the local Ride On bus as the driver pulled over to the bus stop to discharge a passenger. The bus veered over the double yellow line without hesitation. Thank goodness there was no oncoming traffic.

I'm afraid that this will not be an isolated incident. With schools in the area opening soon let's hope that those impatient drivers out there will use University Boulevard.

Winifred Donoho, Wheaton