Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008

Open forum: An ICC it is not

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The Aug. 6 letter from Roy Peck of Olney, "ICC as bad medicine," was as painful as his analogy dealing with the ICC.

County growth continues with limited government controls. Think back to Montgomery Blair's discovery of a silver spring and the development boom after World War II. More development will create more highways and access roads (and the widening thereof). More vehicles will crowd the roads.

Roy Peck is correct that the State Highway Authority is politically programmed to expand state funding priorities that actually delay county-state road improvements.

Blame politicians. They have dug holes to deeper depths. How long will their successors struggle to climb out of debt with development solutions? Will they use the new smart computers to analyze accountability? The current solution is higher state assessments loaded onto state, county and city taxes and utility fees.

Stop calling the ICC the ICC! It is Interstate Highway I-370, connecting I-270 with I-95. Eisenhower's "Autobahn" — U.S. Interstate system — was designed first for military transport. Gov. Martin O'Malley wants I-370 to accommodate commerce and the trucking industry.

Jack Martinelli, Rockville