ICC diverting money needed elsewhere

Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006

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Carl Henn, Rockville

Joseph Bradley is amazed that I would support bicycles instead of highways, claiming that the Intercounty Connector would reduce traffic on the Beltway (‘‘Not ready to trade car for bike,” July 19 letter). But the State Highway Administration has found that the ICC wouldn’t relieve traffic on the Beltway, or Interstates 270 or 95. Three billion dollars is a lot of money to spend to not solve a problem.

Bradley didn’t address my concern about global oil production peaking soon. Of course, neither did the SHA. If they gave it even a little bit of thought it would be clear that the Purple Line is a higher priority than the ICC. It has become clear that the ICC is diverting the money needed to build the Purple Line.

Mr. Bradley may never take transit or ride a bike. But he should appreciate that every one taking transit isn’t in a car in front of him on the road, and every bicyclist leaves the air that we all breathe a little cleaner.