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House of Delegates, District 3A

Name: Patrick N. Hogan

Party affiliation: Republican

Place of residence: Frederick

Date of birth: Feb. 15, 1979

Place of birth: Silver Spring

Current occupation: Real estate agent

Education: Bachelor of Arts in government and politics, University of Maryland, College Park.

Community associations, involvement: Board of directors, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments; board of directors, Friends of Catholic Education of Frederick County; member, steering committee, Frederick County Drug Treatment Court; board of directors, St. Johns at Prospect Hall; member, Republican Club of Frederick County; member, University of Maryland Alumni Association.

Family: Married, one daughter.

Campaign office address and telephone: P.O. Box 8, Frederick, MD, 21705. 301-668-2630.

Candidate’s Web site:

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What are your top three priorities for the next four years, if elected?

Education, transportation, and fiscal responsibility are my top three priorities.

How would you rate the performance of the current representatives of your district: excellent, good, fair or poor? Why?

Do you support amending the constitution to give the legislature more budget authority?

This has been attempted through legislation in the last few years, but has not made it out of committee. I would consider it, but I do have a concern that giving the legislature more authority could result in over spending and budget deficits.

Is the rate of growth in Maryland too fast, too slow or about right, and why?

The issue of growth and development is one of the most widely debated topics in Frederick County. I feel that new growth should not occur without sufficient infrastructure. The impact on schools, roads, water, public safety and the environment must be considered before development occurs.

What programs would you like to add or cut from the state budget? How would you pay for additional programs? What would you do with the money from any cuts you make?

Over the last four years, I have worked with the governor to eliminate wasteful spending from state government. Government bureaucracy has been reduced by 7 percent. We have turned a $4 billion budget deficit into a nearly $2 billion surplus. We have been able to use that money to fund important programs like school construction and transportation projects. I will continue to work toward making state government more efficient so we are not squandering the taxpayers’ money.

Are there specific taxes or fees that you would cut?

I have voted against billions of dollars in new taxes that have been proposed by the legislative leadership. I have also worked toward offering a much deserved property tax cut. I will continue to find ways to save taxpayers money.

Do you support slot machines for Maryland? Why or why not?

Yes. This is a way to raise revenue for schools and roads and not raise taxes. It will also help save the horse industry in Maryland.

Do you support giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants?


Do you support in-state tuition to illegal immigrants?


What is the biggest problem facing higher education and what would you do to solve it?

Affordability is the biggest problem facing higher education. I supported a bill to freeze tuition levels at Maryland’s colleges and universities to make it more affordable for students. I am committed to making college accessible for every Maryland resident who wants to continue their education.

Where would you get more money for the Transportation Trust Fund?

I supported the governor’s transportation bill, which has resulted in more money for the Transportation Trust Fund and for road projects in Frederick County and across the state.

What specific transportation projects do you see as priorities for the state?

I think adding lanes to I-270 should be a top priority. I understand how difficult it is to commute through traffic and I committed to reducing gridlock on our roads.

Should there be a dedicated funding source for Washington and Baltimore mass transit?

Whether it comes from the Transportation Trust Fund or from another source, the state should adequately fund mass transit as an alternative for commuters.

Would you re-regulate the electricity industry?

Some form of re-regulation is certainly something we should consider since de-regulation has resulted in higher costs for consumers.

Do you believe Maryland’s gun control laws are too strict, not strict enough or just right?

I support the second amendment rights of Marylanders.

What is your position on abortion?

I am pro-life.

Should the Maryland constitution be changed to allow same-sex marriages?


Does the state need stricter controls to protect the environment?

Yes. I have been and will continue to be a strong advocate for environmental protection in the legislature. I supported the Healthy Air Act, which requires the reduction of four harmful pollutants from power plants across the state. I supported the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act, which will significantly reduce harmful pollutants in the bay by cleaning up wastewater treatment plants across the state. I also, supported record investments in Program Open Space to preserve and protect environmentally sensitive land across Maryland.

Does the county’s commission form of government still work? Should we adopt a charter government, or code home rule?

Yes, the commissioner form of government does still work, but it may not be as effective or efficient as other forms of government because the commissioners must get approval from the General Assembly before they take action on many issues. I believe it is time for Frederick County to move to a charter form of government with a county executive and county council.