Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Open forum: City Council compromised its principals on labor center

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The fact that our city fathers are again grappling with the situation of undocumented aliens roaming the street is a sad commentary on the City Council’s lack of resolve (‘‘Jobs go to those who arrive at labor center well before dawn,” July 18 article).

Even after the council showed the white flag when confronted with the day laborer center the problem is no better than it was before.

Our City Council needs to understand that compromise for compromise sake is a lose-lose situation. The council compromised its principals, it compromised its credibility, and it compromised the safety of every citizen and legal resident within the city limits.

If the City Council really wants to make a difference in the immigrant category then make certain that our legal residents have guidance and direction to those state and federal agencies that already exist for job training and job search. You looked the other way once again hoping that a problem would go away. Surprise! It’s back.

Wilson Faris, Gaithersburg