Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Open forum: Carbon emissions can be put to good use

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The Rockville Library is holding a series of seminars on the environment. On July 12 the topic was about how to improve energy efficiency in homes and buildings. One speaker, who just finished membership on the County’s Energy and Air Quality Advisory Committee, told how indoor air quality is eight to 10 times worse than outdoor air quality.

Carbon dioxide is considered a culprit in global warming and better building design is needed for energy conservation. However, there is talk about discarding it by sequestrating carbon in Earth. Instead of dumping the carbon, why not use it?

Carbon fiber is a strong lightweight material, which is in short supply. Carbon materials are used in aircraft parts, high-performance vehicles, tuner cars, sporting equipment such as racing bikes, wind generator blades, gears and other demanding mechanical applications.

It’s time to think productively and take advantage of carbon emissions rather than discard them.

G. Stanley Doore, Silver Spring