Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Audit first, then ask for assessment ceiling increase

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The July 18 article, ‘‘Village embezzler pleads guilty to second charge,” left me very concerned. I am doubly concerned over the statement by Pat Huson, the Montgomery Village Foundation’s interim executive vice president, that ‘‘The embezzlement is a thing of the past.”

The foundation staff’s resistance to a forensic audit does nothing to restore my confidence. That resistance is followed by the MVF insisting on moving forward with raising our assessments.

Note: Those of us who have been around for a while understand that if the ceiling is raised, our assessments will be raised as well. Please do not try to parse that fact.

I urge the MVF representatives tasked with voting on an assessment ceiling increase to resist any attempt to raise it until a full, independent audit of the MVF books is undertaken. The audit should be published in full prior to any vote.

Do not ask for one more cent of my money until all money has been accounted for by an independent accounting firm. Not one red cent. And shame on the MVF board or staff members who do not understand that.

Stu Hall, Montgomery Village