Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Higher fees, fewer services

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One of the greatest days we experienced was the day we cancelled our Comcast cable. We celebrated.

We read about the complaints piling up against cable companies, and the Comcast spokesman saying that this poor customer service was due to the wide demand for the company’s upgraded package (‘‘Council panel chastises cable companies,” July 18 article).

That does not explain why service was so bad all those years before the package was available.

While we were subscribers, we watched the fees go up and up and up. We watched them take away favorite channels and not replace them. They raised our fees and then tried to force us to get digital, saying that was the only way to watch the channels taken away from us.

We were paying more than $100 a month for fewer channels than we had seven years ago, when we paid $34 a month.

Customer service seldom understood what our problems were, and always insisted on sending a tech out, claiming our problem had to be inside. Guess what? We never once had an inside problem. It was always Comcast’s problem.

Oh, and we had to go to Comcast to take our box and remote back. We stood in a line with several people in front of us and many behind us — all with converter boxes being turned in and having the service cancelled.

Chuck Martinez, Germantown