Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Romer joins Westat Inc.

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Westat Inc. of Rockville named Bruce F. Romer of Laytonsville vice president for administration. Previously, Romer was chief administrative officer for Montgomery County and Rockville city manager.

Loiederman makesappointments

Loiederman Soltesz Associates Inc. of Rockville made the following appointments: Richie Fenteng, team engineer, Rachel Bauchman, recruiting coordinator, and Melonee Moran, accounts receivable coordinator, and Rebecca Frias and Vanessa Tardiff, both administrative assistant; in Lanham, Isaac Mason and Jeffrey Ratteree, both team engineer, and John Zacharias, survey technician; in Waldorf, Deborah Byrnes, administrative assistant, Joshua Fordham, instrument operator and Brian Kite, designer; in Frederick, Brent Uhler, instrument operator; and in Leonardtown, Steven Evans, survey crew chief.

Neuralstem namestwo directors

Neuralstem Inc. of Rockville named Scott V. Ogilvie and William C. Oldaker directors. Oldaker is a founding member and partner of Oldaker, Biden & Belair LLP, a partner in The National Group and a founder and director of WashingtonFirstBank. Ogilvie is CEO and president of Gulf Enterprises International Ltd. and managing director and COO of CIC Group. He also worked for Hill, Farrer & Burrill.

Shady Grove namesfirst chief medical officer

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville promoted Dr. Gaurov Dayal to its first chief medical officer. Dayal joined the hospital in 2003, and was vice president of clinical program development. Previously, he was a management consultant with McKinsey and Co.

Adventist presidentearns ALA award

William G. Robertson, president and CEO of Adventist HealthCare Inc. of Rockville, won the inaugural Breath of Fresh Air Award from the American Lung Association, recognizing ‘‘an individual or organization for their outstanding efforts to embrace the mission of the American Lung Association of Maryland to prevent lung disease and promote lung health.” Adventist’s hospitals and other health care facilities will become smoke-free in November.

Opus Eastpromotes three

Opus East LLC of Rockville promoted Johanna Bolin to controller and CFO, Steve Cohen to senior director of real estate and Michael Kramer to real estate manager.

BioReliance nameschief scientific officer

BioReliance Corp. of Rockville named David Onions chief scientific officer. Previously, Onions was chief medical officer at Invitrogen Corp., which acquired BioReliance in 2004, and founder and director of Q-One Biotech Ltd., which BioReliance acquired in 2003.