Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Open forum: Over development will devour dwindling energy sources

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Over development is a huge issue in this county. The Intercounty Connector is going straight through my backyard, and I regret every single day now that I did nothing to stop it.

We can stress that these new roads and newly developed areas are needed for our suffering economy or our convenience, but the fact remains that we need energy for these newly developing areas. If we are truly concerned about the rising cost in energy we need to consider that these new living areas and businesses will be putting added stress to energy sources that are already being burdened by energy consumption we contribute and that consumption level is still on the rise.

It is not only the matter that we could be swimming to work in the future, but we all as a whole will be paying more for over development for the exponential rise in energy costs. It is very much an economic issue for this county, and others, as well as a moral one.

Aradhana A. Kamble, Derwood