Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Country inn would add to area’s charm

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I’m writing in response to the July 2 article, ‘‘Community still dismayed by new plan for country inn.”

As a longtime resident of Potomac and a frequent traveler on River Road, I welcome the prospect of having the property owned by Francis Koh developed into an inn with 12 guest rooms, a high-end restaurant and an antiques shop.

Mr. Koh’s plan is an excellent one for that part of River Road. A wonderful bed and breakfast would add to the charm of the area. Such a facility, if tastefully done, will surely accommodate local patrons and out-of-town guests for a long time to come — people who don’t want to dine or stay in the middle of busy Germantown, Gaithersburg, Bethesda or Rockville.

I wouldn’t be opposed to there also being a small reception facility where families could celebrate life’s events such as wedding anniversaries and birthday parties, and ladies can host luncheons. For many years in Europe there have been facilities in rural areas that accommodate the diner, the visitor and the overnight guest in an environmentally tasteful way and the same can be modeled here if there is enough attention given to the right details.

Old Angler’s Inn has a nice clientele and this part of Potomac would benefit from having the same type clientele.

Mr. Koh is offering to give Potomac a one-of-the-kind lodging, dining and antiques experience. Good for Mr. Koh and all that support him and his family’s dream.

JaLynn Prince, Potomac