Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Smelling the roses...

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Or spring-blooming honeysuckle ... or other June fragrances? In the suburbs of Montgomery County, the wafts on the spring breezes are more likely to be those of noxious chemicals.

Water in the numerous private and public swimming pools in our area can produce the pungent odor of chloramines if the process of chlorination is not properly performed. Chloramines are produced when chlorine reacts with organic material such as urine, feces, sputum, etc.

Chloramines smell bad. They irritate the eyes and skin. They are dangerous chemicals, constituting a very serious health hazard.

Since chlorine gas is odorless, something is very wrong when acrid odors are produced from chlorination of any pool in quantities large enough to send residents living acres away scurrying from their porches and garden into their homes, tightly shutting doors and windows.

A trip to a Web site on pool chlorination will make you wonder: since this problem is easily remedied by any of several chemical methods, why isn’t it being done?

There are no environmental laws protecting us from the production of chloramines.

Is no one concerned about our children? Our environment? And I, for one, also miss the fragrance of spring.

Joan Baugher, Ashton