Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not going to take it any more

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Because of a recent Friday holiday, my normal payday (Friday) was without pay. Rather than the company moving the payday in advance one day, it moved it to the following week, which caused the direct deposit to appear on Tuesday. So, too bad for me. I’m only an employee.

On a recent airplane trip, the flight was delayed both coming and going. The food was limited in quantity and quality and was offered at a price. The movie was only in Spanish. I’m not Spanish. So, too bad for me. I’m only the customer.

What can I do about it? Nothing. There is no advocate for the employee. There is no advocate for the customer. Not in reality. You can file a complaint but with who. The airline? Your employer? Good luck with that! Don’t fly. Get another job. Those are your alternatives.

Recently, I complained to my senator about a problem and only after I — repeat, I — got the problem resolved did the senator take credit for the solution. The senator did not write letters. The senator did not go to the office directly. The senator did not make phone calls. I did. Yet the senator tried to take credit for the solution, correction, not tried to take credit, but take credit. The senator had nothing to do with the solution. Not a phone call, not a letter. I did that.

So what is the solution? The solutions are limited. We need to take back the workplace. We need to avoid establishments that treat us badly. ‘‘Thank you” and ‘‘please” just do not work! Don’t settle! Demand! Maybe, just maybe somebody will listen. Maybe, just maybe our patronage will be appreciated if we demand it.

And when you decide not to patronize an establishment, let them know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Mike Tiglio, Gaithersburg