Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What do we get (or don’t get) for money spent on Parkway?

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I fully agree with David Brown’s assessment of the Rube Goldberg Parkway (‘‘Rube Goldberg is alive and well, creating havoc in the county,” July 2 letter). My question is where is the ‘‘park” in ‘‘parkway”?

It seems that last remaining parcel of woodlands in the area (that might have possibly served as parkland) was destroyed and paved over to make way for this large, seemingly useless project. True, there is a small, sad, thin strip of trees left adjacent to the road; however, it would be quite a stretch to consider that a park.

Dennis Rodrigues, Gaithersburg

David Brown’s letter concludes that too much taxpayer time and money are being spent by the county and state in continued modifications to plans for the intersection of Route 355 and Montrose-Randolph Road that will make the east-west route an improved ‘‘intercounty connector” like road through east-west neighborhoods.

Public works projects always cost more than planned, both on the drawing board and in construction cost overruns. Consider the Purple Line controversy and other lagging transportation solutions.

County growth, continuous since the 1940s, with western expansion, more growth and more traffic, is painful.

Gone are the old days of a leisurely drive on two-lane roads to the intersection of Rockville Pike and old Randolph Road. It was the location of a Mexican restaurant where dinner was served family-style in an old frame house.

Jack Martinelli, Rockville