Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sign vandalized: Politics or mischief?

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My church, Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist in Bethesda, joined hundreds of other religious groups across the country by placing a banner on church grounds declaring that ‘‘Torture Is Wrong.” The banner was to remain in place for a month as part of an event organized by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture.

To some, the banner seemed an undeniable, ‘‘duh” kind of statement. However, the banner was vandalized at night — not once, but twice.

Was the vandalism a political statement, or just criminal mischief? We may never know. But it made me realize the importance of openly discussing torture and our country’s role in perpetuating it. Torture is not political — it is a moral issue. No exceptions. It is immoral to condone it, affirmatively or silently.

Despite the vandalism at our church I have hope that our community will rise to the occasion.

Bonnie Beavers, Chevy Chase