Upper Marlboro woman aids couples down the aisle

Book proves popular in helping couples prepare for life after the honeymoon

Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Karen Bowlding’s early marriage experiences with her husband, Andre, helped motivate her to write a guide for couples who are about to marry.

Upper Marlboro resident Karen Bowlding has been married to her husband Andre for five years now but she admits that the beginning years were not easy.

‘‘We struggled in the first two years of our marriage,” Karen Bowlding, 41, said. ‘‘There were some things we hadn’t planned and didn’t talk about before we got married.”

Armed with a notebook and a pen she started writing ‘‘Living in Autumn While Preparing for Spring: The Journey Towards Marriage,” which was released in December 2005.

‘‘The books covers pretty much everything you should know and discuss before you get married — like family history, finances and insurance,” Karen Bowlding said.

‘‘Communication was the major issue in my marriage because neither of us saw communication as being important.”

Though Karen Bowlding wrote the majority of the book, husband Andre submitted a letter for the male readers describing his state of mind when he was single and what he was looking for in wife.

‘‘If we had this book once we got married, we wouldn’t have had the same problems we ran into in the beginning,” Andre Bowlding said.

‘‘This book needed to be written because it answers those marital questions that people tend to avoid.”

Karen Bowlding has been a Christian for the past 10 years and incorporates biblical scriptures and passages throughout the entire book.

‘‘This book does not come from me. It’s coming from God who created relationships,” Karen Bowlding said.

‘‘He has a blueprint for how relationships should work. If we follow the blueprint I believe it would help us out in our relationships.”

Though the book has been out for less than six months, Karen Bowlding said that she has received excellent feedback.

‘‘I haven’t gotten any negative comments from people because bits of their lives and their struggles are in [the book] too,” she said. ‘‘I let them know that Christ is all the man you need and we should be looking at him, during out time of singleness.”

Both Karen and Andre Bowlding are excited about the book’s success but neither anticipated how busy Karen Bowlding would become.

Karen Bowlding averages two to three book signings a month and has had two radio interviews in Baltimore so far. She is also working simultaneously on two yet-to-be titled books.

‘‘I attend church at the Soul Factory [in Forestville], I’m married and I have a full time job,” she said.

‘‘Things have been going well and I have definitely been busy, but I have to take the time to find a balance in everything.”

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