Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Guns or margarine?

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Trans fat is banned in Montgomery County.

A bill to ban assault weapons never made it out of committee.

Trans fat vs. assault weapons. Which would you rather not face on the street? Does something seem wrong here?

Barbara Pearson, Silver Spring

Congratulations to our County Council members. With their ban on trans fats, they have found a perfect way to help keep many alive and thriving so we can continue to fund all the resources and other extra perks they voted for to support illegal immigrants in the county.

I would have preferred to see a ban on resources to illegal immigrants.

Martha O’Harra, Kensington

The longer I live in Montgomery County, the more I wonder about the county government.

With all the problems and issues facing the county, the County Council’s priority seemed to be becoming the first county in the nation to ban the use of trans fats in foods served in any establishment licensed to serve food.

Becoming the first county in the nation to ban trans fats probably resulted in backslapping and high-fives in the council chambers in Rockville. Is creation of another county agency, the Trans Fat Inspection and Enforcement Division, just around the corner?

This is just another example of the county government invading our private lives, this time telling us what we can eat and thus, protecting us from ourselves.

What’s next, a ban on pizza?

Boggles the mind!

Craig Gillis, Silver Spring