Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Commercial, multi-family units to fall under county recycling program

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Rockville will soon require commercial and multi-family entities to recycle under the county’s program.

The City Council on Monday introduced an amendment that would allow the county to implement its recycling program to city commercial buildings and multi-family dwelling units, which is currently not required by the city.

Mayor Susan R. Hoffmann said that was ‘‘not good policy.”

‘‘I was particularly so delighted to see we were able to move forward to work with the county since they already have the mechanism to do that,” Hoffmann said Tuesday.

Commercial and multi-family entities within the city that currently recycle do it voluntarily and have it privately contracted, said Mark Charles, the city’s chief of environmental management.

Trash collection for those units is also privately contracted because of the different equipment used to empty large trash bins.

Multi-family entities that qualify include seven or more dwelling units, Charles said.

Charles said the next steps include obtaining public comment and informing affected businesses and multi-family units before the City Council revisits the issue in July.

If adopted, the new policy would be implemented in September.