Wednesday, May 14, 2008

‘Noise and traffic is unbearable’ in Clarksburg neighborhood

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The April 29 accident in which a police cruiser hit a 12-year-old pedestrian was an accident waiting to happen. The fast driving on these small country roads is out of hand. People are driving as though they are on the interstate.

Piedmont Road has become the major highway for the new Aurora Hills development. The noise and traffic is unbearable.

There are many people coming through our neighborhood at high rates of speed. Small children live on this road. The blind hills make it extremely dangerous for us trying to leave our driveways safely.

I believe it’s time for the builders to complete the roads associated with their new developments (Snowden Farm) and take this traffic off Piedmont Road. What was done to handle the additional traffic? Declare Piedmont Road no longer a rural route but make it a secondary⁄primary road. No improvements made, increase the speed to 35. However, Skylark was widened, parking spaces and curbs provided, and the speed limit remained at 30.

What planning board made this ludicrous decision? I have seen police cars sitting in wait for speeders on Skylark, but never on Piedmont, even when requested.

I implore all of you drivers to please slow down, and drive gently. Obeying the speed limit will not impact your trip home!

The noise created by the constant construction trucks, kids (and adults) with radios blasting vibrate the pictures on the walls and is not appreciated. Slow down and be considerate.

This is a residential neighborhood, we are entitled to peace and quiet inside our homes.

Gladys Wood, Clarksburg