Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sidewalks requested but county has yet to deliver

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The county is slow to address the need for sidewalks in Clarksburg, which gives pedestrians no place to go but into the street with the cars.

The Clarksburg neighborhood where the recent car and pedestrian accident occurred had requested sidewalks in 2003. Several residents in the Fountain View neighborhood, located between Stringtown and Piedmont roads, had requested that the county install sidewalks for the children to walk on on their way to the bus stop.

Now, students living in the farthest houses have to walk a half-mile in the street to reach their bus stop.

We also requested connections to the new neighborhoods so residents could walk to nearby churches and schools.

In 2004, the county sent out a representative and notices on a rough preliminary plan for the installation of the sidewalks. We are still waiting for their construction.

While sidewalks may not have prevented this particular tragedy, they are needed given the increasing traffic and lure of neighboring attractions to pedestrians.

Alethea Hendricks, Clarksburg