Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good-bye, RMHS

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Another Rockville icon is demolished — Richard Montgomery High School. I graduated way back in 1969. It feels like yesterday. It was tough driving by the old school. Like watching a dying patient, then lights go out for the last time, next the dissection of the body for parts and burial.

Richard Montgomery represents one of the last of the major icons of old Rockville and the same strange feeling of 1970 watching old Rockville destroyed. It is the latest in a series of processes, our turn, my generation to feel and to experience this event, again.

For those who experienced RM, love it or hate, it represents a passage. For me it is a cruel reality. Richard Montgomery will be gone forever, replaced by a brand new shiny imposter, maybe a new one to be rebuilt in another 75 years, their imposter.

Daniel T. Fahey, Rockville

The writer is president⁄CEO of DanSources Technical Services Inc.