Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fiscal responsibility, traffic

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Fiscal responsibility and traffic congestions are problems that are badly in need of non-bureaucratic solutions. Years ago, I pleaded for the county to hold an economic ‘‘summit” of non-political financial planners to advise political decision makers. That fell on deaf ears.

Financial planners advise clients on how to balance their budgets and how to plan for the future if income drops. Business and industry executives do, why not the county? Decision-makers should view the county as if it were a corporation, with residents as shareholders.

Also, virtually every vehicular congestion survey the county has done lacks the understanding of where traffic actually begins, stops along the way and ends. All these surveys do is count the number of vehicles entering and leaving intersections. They do not even indicate the variety of vehicles involved. This results in false positive conclusions. Congestion does not begin or end in one particular area; it can begin and end many miles away.

Examples of the traffic congestion that results can be seen in North Bethesda around the convention center and the Montrose Parkway.

David H. Brown, North Bethesda

The writer had campaigned against the North Bethesda conference center, arguing that it would worsen already congested traffic.