Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cars from school site would strain overtaxed roads

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Thank heavens The Gazette is covering this attempt to build a private school on the Grosvenor property in Bethesda (‘‘Grosvenor property nominated for historic designation,” April 23 article).

We don’t want a big, private school built close to here on residential-zoned Grosvenor Lane. It is insane to even consider giving a zoning exemption for a major project that would add about 1,000 cars to Grosvenor Lane every morning. The nearby intersections are already overtaxed.

The county has a master plan that is supposed to plan and control growth, including intensive occupancy near Metro stops, and then less intense, such as townhouses, and then blending into single-family residential.

The Forestry Service occupying the property recently was allowed there because of a zoning exemption from residential because it was non-profit. Then the property is sold, the zoning goes back to residential (R-90) zoning, as it should be, according to our county master plan.

This sort of planning and controlled growth is what we are supposed to get for the high taxes we paid here a few weeks ago. Not a Nascar raceway!

Patricia S. Broderick, Bethesda