School uniforms save parents time, money

Thursday, April 27, 2006

As a mother and a college student, it is a pleasure to voice my opinion on the fact that wearing uniforms to school can save time and money. There are some questions I would like to ask that readers might find very interesting. I don’t have all the answers, but from my own experience I know this system does work.

The majority of public school students in Maryland and the District don’t wear uniforms. Most of the students enjoy wearing regular clothes, especially name brands that are more expensive. Other students cannot afford name brands. Most of their clothes are from what other people gave them.

I cannot guarantee that a child will or will not learn better wearing a uniform, but I do know it saves time and money. My daughter wears a uniform to school and it only costs me $130 for the school year. Depending on how her uniforms have been cared for, she will have them for the next school year, which will save me another $130.

How many parents can spend $130 on one child for the entire school year? In answering my question, remember you have to shop for the four seasons. Parents, how many times can you afford to buy new clothing? What does a parent have to lose in putting their child in uniform? How much time does a child spend in the morning trying to find something to wear? For the entire school year, how many times does a parent shop? How much do they spend? Remember parents, all you need for a child are five uniforms for the entire school year.

The time you spend going to different stores to get the clothes your child needs could be spent doing something else. There are uniform stores available. Walk in, get your supplies, and you are done for the day.

If wearing uniforms is so bad, why don’t the Army, fire department, health workers, police and postal workers, go without uniforms? There is a logical reason. No one will be able to identify them. The Army wears their uniforms with pride. Why can’t our children?

As I have mentioned earlier, I don’t have all the answers to my questions. Neither can I guarantee that a child will learn better wearing a uniform. But from my own experience I do know for a fact that you will save time and money. And a child who cannot afford name brand clothes or change an outfit every day will appreciate this change.

Angella Benjamin, Beltsville