Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Olney movies — bad move

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Evidently, the struggle between the owner of Olney Cinemas and the Freeman Companies is one that is likely to get a lot hotter before cooling down (‘‘Olney Cinema likely to close by year’s end,” March 26 article).

After The Gazette article about the theaters’’ pending closure, a popular Olney-area blog had many postings last week by concerned citizens asking how to start some sort of campaign to keep a movie theater in Olney. Everyone seems to agree that the current theater is rundown and not a very inviting venue, but many people use it anyway, and the desire to keep it in Olney seems universal for everyone but Freeman Companies and the theater operator.

If Olney residents and retail business owners don’t take up this cause quickly, and seriously, then they are soon going face the reality of all residents driving to other towns for a movie, and possibly dinner and other services.

Does the price of gas and more driving and pollution appeal to anyone?

Emmet Tydings, Brookeville