Wednesday, April 2, 2008

While one school lacks basics, another gets artificial turf

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Artificial turf or heat? Which is more important for our high school students?

As a parent of three children in the Montgomery County Public School system I was absolutely shocked to read the March 19 article, “County approves money for artificial turf.“

How can the County Council justify transferring $475,000 worth of funds to pay for turf athletic fields at Richard Montgomery High School when our students at Gaithersburg High School are having to go without basic needs such as heat, power and proper ventilation?

Does the council honestly place more value on athletics than it does on providing an environment that allows our students to achieve their best academically?

Or is council Vice President Philip M. Andrews more concerned about the county being ‘‘innovative” or thinking ‘‘out-of-the box”?

As a parent it is often hard to determine whose best interest the County Council has in mind here. My hope is that at some point (soon) the council will get its priorities in line and fix our schools, not beautify them with turf athletic fields!

Heather Boyle, Laytonsville