Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Navarro for true leadership

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I am an African-American female and an immigrant from the Caribbean. I live in District 4 and, on April 15, I will be voting for Board of Education President Nancy Navarro, who is running in the Democratic primary for County Council.

I have followed the campaign very closely. The fraternity of seven charming men who are running for the council seat is united by a lack of experience in municipal government and issues relating to our children, youth and families. Also, they seem indifferent to the sweeping demographic changes that have taken place in our district in the past decade.

It is true that this election is an important one for our district and our county.

I am appalled by the negative attacks against Ms. Navarro. It is comforting that she has not buckled under these attacks; she has assured workers that she will honor their contracts. That is what I call true leadership.

Audrey McLaren, Silver Spring