Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cameras infringe on privacy rights

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I am not in favor of speeding or reckless driving, and I agree that speed cameras are effective. But I also believe that speed cameras infringe on every citizen’s right to privacy from surveillance without probable cause and a court order.

And I also believe that fining the car’s owner without identifying the speeder is unconstitutional. If you borrow a shovel from me, and you use it to commit a murder, am I the guilty party or are you?

My son attended Olney Elementary School from kindergarten through grade five. I never worried about the speed of traffic, just the volume of it. Speed cameras won’t solve the volume problem and, by slowing traffic down, will make it worse.

I have not been fined by a speed camera. Not everyone who complains about them does so because they have been fined or because they want to speed. Some of us just believe that as a solution, they are worse than the problem.

Phil Plante, Olney