Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Leave 2nd Amendment alone

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It looks like the Supreme Court is about to change the court’s 1939 decision regarding the Constitution’s Second Amendment. The 1939 decision was that the term ‘‘well-regulated militia” means a state-regulated militia.

When I wrote about this before, someone responded saying I had overlooked the definition of the word ‘‘militia.” But the writer of that letter missed the point. The Second Amendment does not just say ‘‘militia”; it says ‘‘well-regulated militia.”

The court will make a mistake if it changes the 1939 decision. The duty of the court is to interpret the Constitution, not change it. But the majority of the justices were appointed by Republican presidents and the National Rifle Association pretty much controls the GOP. The NRA has long ignored that part of the Second Amendment that refers to a well-regulated militia.

Gordon F. Brown, Bethesda