Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Open forum: Another uncalled for tax increase in county

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The current proposal to have a new tax increase of 8.3 percent to property owners in Montgomery County recommended by County Executive Isiah Leggett is unprecedented and deplorable, to say the least.

To balance the county budget on the backs of homeowners again is a disgrace and uncalled for here and I urge the County Council to vote this down. You balance the budget by making more cuts to wasted funds that are spent on all the illegal immigrants that have invaded this county. Cut services to illegals and retire unnecessary county employees now.

To continue to tax property owners with such huge and unnecessary property tax increases will only have a negative effect and cause more citizens to move out of this tax-and-spent county.

This county is already overtaxed with gasoline prices and recent utility increase costs such as water and sewer services and natural gas.

Leave the property taxes alone or you will face more departures of homeowners in this tax-and-spend happy liberal county.

Al Eisner, Wheaton